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Independenceday special:  when they chipped off my nails In prison

अगस्त 15, 2018 ओये बांगड़ू

पिछले हफ्ते एक चिट्ठी प्राप्त हुई,जिसमे 102 वर्षीय राधा कृष्ण ने उनके साथ हुए चार साल पुराने वादे का जिक्र किया और कहा कि उन्हें अब तक उस इंटरव्यू का अंगरेजी अनुवाद प्राप्त नहीं हुआ है. राधाकृष्ण हिन्दी पढने में काफी कमजोर हैं, उन्हें उनके साथ हुई बातचीत का अंश देने में हमने बहुत साल लगा दिए मगर अपनी भूल को सुधारते हुए हमने उस इंटरव्यू को अंगरेजी में ट्रांसलेट करवाया इसके लिए हमारी मदद कि पत्रकारिता की छात्रा पीयूष शर्मा ने.


This 102 year old veteran from New Delhi is one of the few freedom fighters surviving in the country today. Radha Krishna  shares his experience while serving his term in prison under the British rule during the freedom movement.

“We woke up to extreme pain and realised all our foot nails were chipped off in the state of complete unconsciousness. But it was not this pain that hurt as the pain of being unaccepted as freedom fighter by the government”. It was February 2015 when he won back his honour after 68 years of Independence by winning a legal case against the government by proving his participation in the famous Quit India movement.

We bring to you the story of that freedom fighter, the signs of torture on whose body are the witness of his pains to gain freedom for us.

Radha Krishna was born in the city of Hyderabad, Now in Sindh province of Pakistan in a family of ICS officer under the British government. He was studying law in the in Hyderabad when the famous Quit India movement was in its peak, following the mass participation of students and people all over the country he could not hold himself back from becoming a part of the movement. Being born in a family of a government employee it wasn’t an easy journey for him.

It was this determination of Radha Krishna which made him escape his father’s resentment. He secretly joined the rallies in 1942, until the day of 9th of august when he found himself arrested by the police. He still remembers how he passed the question when asked is father’s name fearing the trouble it could lead to his family.

His horrifying experience during prison include the various levels of tortures from beating beaten to blood by whip and sticks to being hanged upside down releasing fainting smoke on the face. Only on waking felt the extreme pain and realise all our foot nails were chipped off said the veteran.


After partition Radha Krishna decided to live in India and settled in Bombay, where in 1957 he applied for the pension given to the freedom fighters, this was rejected by the government due to lack of sufficient documentation. He then filed a petition in court in regard to this matter.

While prosecuting his own case in the court, Radha Krishna faced the biggest trouble in collecting documents and records of his participation. Since he was prisoned in the jail of Sindh which was no more a part of India, there were no records with the Indian government. This was now not just a fight of pension but  a fight of respect and identity for me told the veteran.

Radha Krishna was often asked to present a letter or formal statement by contemporary freedom fighters which was next to impossible as most of them were dead by this time. Still he wrote letters to each one of them in a hope of response. This fight for Identity says Radha Krishna was nothing less than his imprisonment in jail for their he suffered physical torture and here mental.

During the course of this case in the court Radha Krishna met almost all the eminent leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Lal Krishna Advani who assured him full support in his struggle but all this proved to be mere solace. He was even advised to bribe the officers to get the work done but keeping firm believe in truth and patience he refused to pay a penny for bribe.

Radha Krishna also shared with us an interesting letter which indicated that somebody else was receiving pension on his name which he was denied throughout his entire life. 102 years old this veteran now regrets his choice for fighting for the freedom of that country which instead of honouring him, even refused to indentified him and his contribution that he had to spend his whole life in fighting in court.

This story is based on a conversation with Radha Krishna 4 years ago when in February 2015 he won his case against the government and was returned his due honour.

this is a transleted story, origional story you can read here

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